Volume & Issue: Volume 13, Issue 4, December 2021, Pages 233-307 

Original Article

Production and purification of polyclonal antibody against shrimp lectin LvLTLC1

Pages 233-240


Hieu Tran-Van; Phuong Thao Thi Nguyen; Quoc-Gia Mai; Thuoc Linh Tran

Thermal dynamics and physiological implications in pacu Piaractus mesopotamicus anaesthetised with Ocimum basilicum essential oil

Pages 261-270


Arlene S. Ventura; Andrea Maria de Araújo Gabriel; Jefferson Rodrigues Gandra; Isabelle Zocolaro Noia; Jayme Aparecido Povh; Gabriela Tomas Jerônimo

Aquaculture research in Southeast Asia - A scientometric analysis (1990-2019)

Pages 271-288


Mohd Iqbal Mohd Noor; Mohamad Nor Azra; Voon-Ching Lim; Azniza Ahmad Zaini; Fadli Dali; Ina Murni Hashim; Hamnah Che Hamzah; Muhammad Fuad Abdullah

Short communication

Toxicity of fipronil insecticide on the early life stages of Colossoma macropomum (gamitana)

Pages 301-307


Miguel Saldaña-Serrano; Dante Espinoza-Morriberon; Gabriel Enrique De-la-Torre; Guillermo Odilón Álvarez-Béjar; Alberto López