Volume & Issue: Volume 7, Issue 3, September 2015 
Synthetic pyrethroids (Type II) and freshwater fish culture: Perils and mitigations

Pages 163-191


A. K. Prusty; D. K. Meena; B. K. Behera; S. Mohapatra; P. Panikkar; P. Das; S. K. Gupta

Original Article

Co-culture with Chaetomorpha sp. enhanced growth performance and reduced feed conversion ratio of the giant tiger prawn, Penaeus monodon

Pages 193-199


I. Tsutsui; J. Songphatkaew; C. Meeanan; D. Aue-umneoy; H. Sukchai; P. Pinphoo; S. Klomkling; M. Ganmanee; H. Sudo; K. Hamano

Chromosome preparation in fish: effects of fish species and larval age

Pages 201-210


Ali Karami; Peyman Eghtesadi Araghi; Mohd Arif Syed; Scott P. Wilson

Open pond cultures of indigenous algae grown on non-arable land in an arid desert using wastewater

Pages 221-233


Dominik Winckelmann; Franziska Bleeke; Bimiya Thomas; Clemens Elle; Gerd Klöck