Length-weight relationship of ten species of Leuciscinae sub-family (Cyprinidae) from Iranian inland waters

Document Type : Short communication


1 Department of Fisheries, Faculty of Natural Resources, University of Tehran, Karaj, Iran

2 Department of Biology, Faculty of Art and Sciences, Nevşehir Hacı Bektaş Veli University, 50300, Nevşehir, Turkey


In this study, the length-weight relationships (LWRs) were estimated for 697 specimens belonging to ten species of Leuciscinae subfamily, viz. Squalius berak, S. namak, S. turcicus, Acanthobrama marmid, A. microlepis, Chondrostoma esmaeilii, Leuciscus latus, Alburnus doriae, Leucaspius delineates and Blicca bjoerkna from Iranian inland waters, including the Persian Gulf, Caspian Sea, Namak Lake, Dasht-e Kavir, Hari River and Isfahan basins. Total length and total weight of the examined specimens ranged 3.8-27.8 cm and 0.59-247 g, respectively. Fishes were collected using electrofishing device between July 2010 and August 2017. This study represents the first reports of LWRs data for A. doriae, C. esmaeilii, L. latus and L. delineates. The length-weight parameter b found to be 2.75 (A. microlepis) - 3.44 (B. bjoerkna) with regression coefficients (r2) ranging 0.87 to 0.99 for the studied fishes. The student’s t-test showed all studied species have a positive allometric growth pattern except A. doriae (isometric) and A. microlepis (negative allometric).