Demonstration of virulent genes within Listeria and Klebsiella isolates contaminating the export quality frozen shrimps


1 Department of Microbiology, Stamford University Bangladesh, 51 Siddeswari Road, Dhaka 1217, Bangladesh

2 Department of Microbiology, University of Dhaka, Dhaka 1000, Bangladesh


In the previously studied export quality shrimp samples, presence of a range of pathogenic bacteria including Listeria spp. and Klebsiella spp. were detected. The presence of eae gene in Escherichia coliaero specific gene in Aeromonas spp., and sodB gene in Vibrio spp. were observed which might confer the associated virulence. Present study further attempted to detect the existence of virulent genes in Listeria spp. and Klebsiella isolates from the same shrimp samples through the gene specific polymerase chain reaction (PCR). Visualization of bands of iap (457 bp) and gyrB2 (711 bp) genes after PCR amplification referred the presence of virulence strains of Listeria spp. and Klebsiella spp., respectively in the export quality shrimp samples. Together with the previous findings of virulence genes of several pathogenic bacteria, the outcomes of current study further conferred the possible detrimental impact of the export quality frozen shrimps as and when consumed.