Effect of dietary soybean meal and multienzyme on intestine histology of beluga sturgeon (Huso huso)

Document Type : Short communication


Department of Fisheries, Gorgan University of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resource, Gorgan, Iran



This study aimed to evaluate the effect of soybean meal and multienzyme supplementation on intestinal histopathology of beluga sturgeon (Huso huso). Nine diets were formulated (40% crude protein, 13% crude fat and 4150 kcal/kg gross energy) in which fish meal was replaced by soybean meal at 0, 40 and 80% supplemented or not with 1 or 2 g/kg of multienzyme Kemin. Fish (initial weight of 820 g) were fed on experimental diets four times daily at 1% body weight for 12 weeks. From histological analyses, intact villus with normal mucosa was found in the FM group, representing the presence of intact epithelium. Supplementation of enzyme at both levels and soybean meal (alone) in the diet resulted in histopathological alterations in the intestine including mild immune cells infiltration, villus blunting, villus fusion, mononuclear immune cells infiltration as well as necrosis. Soybean meal decreased the length of villuses in the proximal and distal intestines (P < 0.05). Enzyme was not able to ameliorate the derangements induced by 80% replacement level of fish meal with soybean meal (treatments SB80E1% and SB80E2%). However, co-administrating of the enzyme at both levels with 40% soybean meal (treatments SB40E1% and SB40E2%) was able to inhibit the soybean meal-induced histopathological impairments.