Number of Articles: 330

326. Is the geographic variation in size of American eel Anguilla rostrata elvers due to genetic differentiation?

Volume 3, Issue 3, December 2011, Pages 197-203

Brian Wade Jamandre; Kang-Ning Shen; Wann-Nian Tzeng

327. Multivariate analysis of water quality parameters and phytoplankton composition in the southern of Caspian Sea

Volume 3, Issue 3, December 2011, Pages 205-216

Hassan Nasrollahzadeh Saravi; Asieh Makhlough; Reza Pourgholam; Zubir Bin Din; Swee Yeok Foong

328. Geographical and bathymetric distribution of silver scabbardfish Lepidopus caudatus in North Aegean Sea

Volume 3, Issue 3, December 2011, Pages 217-226

Michele Torre; Argyris Kallianiotis; Benedetto Sicuro; Vassiliki Tsavalou

330. Growth performance of male monosex and mixed sex Nile tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus L.) reared in cages, Lake Victoria, Kenya

Articles in Press, Accepted Manuscript, Available Online from 05 September 2021


Elijah Migiro Kembenya; Robert Nyakwama Ondiba