Author = Cosmas Nathanailides
Number of Articles: 4
1. Metabolic differentiation of diploid and triploid European sea bass juveniles

Volume 11, Issue 2, June 2019, Pages 199-206


Cosmas Nathanailides; Dimitris Klaoudatos; Costas Perdikaris; Spyros Klaoudatos; Markos Kolygas; Fotini Athanassopoulou Athanassopoulou

3. Comparison of fatty acids in the brains of wild and reared sea bass Dicentrarchus labrax L. and sea bream Sparus aurata L., and living in the same natural environment

Volume 2, Issue 3, December 2010, Pages 135-141

Dimitrios Lenas; Panaghiotis Loghothetis; Grigorios Kanlis; Cosmas Nathanailides

4. A combination of selected indexes for assessing the environmental impact of marine fish farms using long term metadata analysis

Volume 2, Issue 3, December 2010, Pages 167-171

Theo Mavraganis; Trevor Telfer; Cosmas Nathanailides